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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. ~ Helen Keller.


am said...

Wonderful raccoon photo!

My cat, Oboe, sits much like that raccoon and has that expression on her face when she is next to my computer and waiting for me to give her some attention.

Dawn said...

good call Am!! this little guy was begging for handouts beside the road.

Suzanne said...

Definitely the best photo I've seen of a raccoon! I used to know someone who kept rescued raccoons. One of their favorite toys were cubes of ice. They'd play with them and lick them till they disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Has this one been hanging around your house?

Very cute picture!


Lee's River said...

we once had a raccoon mama and her four little ones living near our camper. Every night, our neighbor would give her kibbles. She would come five times - no more. Each time, she'd go rinse the kibbles in the stream, climb up the tree and give it to one of the babies. The last one she would eat by the stream. Then go chatter with her kiddies in the tree.

Dawn said...

Hi Suzanne, McP and Lee!
Suzanne, thank you! ice is so cheap! good thinking.
McP, no this is a raccoon from Tacoma LOL!
Hi Lee! thanks for stopping by. Raccoons are very smart, and get into routines just like we do. We do have plenty around here too.

robin andrea said...

That is such a great raccoon photograph, dawn. Look at the expression on its face. Perfect.

Dawn said...

thank you Robin!