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Monday, June 15, 2009

Save Buddy!

Photos by Sam.

Buddy was pulled from a slaughter pen in Eastern Washington. And yes we send horses to slaughter. They are shipped to Canada and Mexico.
Buddy is a 15.1hh, 2-3 year old, Tennessee Walker/Draft x colt.
He followed Sam around the lot, begging for attention so much that she couldn't leave him there. He's very friendly and loving!
He's gentle, nice and really wants someone to love him.
He's not shown any gaits at liberty but he does move beautifully.

Arrangements for pick up and payments can be made by calling Sam at 509-952-3866 (she does work days so if you don't reach her, please leave a message and she will call you back).

His adoption fee, including boarding fees, as of today is: $630.
Even if you can just send a small amount to help pay his board bill that will give him more time.
This is a private endeavor.

You could join us in the community bulletin board, address:


robin andrea said...

Oh Dawn, he's so beautiful. I hope some very loving person adopts this sweetheart.

TaraDharma said...

Dawn, he's so young and obviously has so much heart. What could lead someone to make the decision to send him to slaughter? I am mystified. Thank goodness he has been noticed and advocated for.

Dawn said...

Thank you Robin and Tara!

Horses are expensive in a good year. And with oil prices rising, folks getting laid off. There is not enough money for pets and livestock. Many animals are being abandoned or as in horses sold to the highest bidder. And now adays the Slaughter horse buyers have the money. Many horses are going across the border to be slaughtered. If you want to learn more just google.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks for this post, Dawn. Wish I could take this handsome fellow... A friend in Franklin has 6 rescue horses (one was a Premarin mare). Also, you probably know this but many thoroughbreds are slaughtered after they've run their course. There's a marvelous thoroughbred rescue at Montpelier in VA. Anyway, I wish Buddy and your friend the best and thank her for taking him on. He's fortunate. I'll think good thoughts for a good outcome.

am said...

That's a fine portrait that Sam took of Buddy. Thank you for the horse rescue information.

Dawn said...

thank you Suzanne and Am!