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Friday, October 12, 2007

Where would you go if you had wings?

Turkey Vultures flying south for the winter.

Check out the Falcon Research group and
follow the migration of the Peregrine Falcons



robin andrea said...

I'd go south, like all smart critters who crave the warmth of the sun.

Hey, welcome to the blogging world. You've got a beautiful site here. I'll be back to see your pretty pics.

Nancy said...

These are the most beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them! I love, absolutely love the turkey vultures all sitting on their respective fence posts!

Your blog is like a local version of National Geographic (with beautiful poetry included). You've created a pretty special place on the web and at home, where all the creatures and critters feel safe visting and being photographed by you. They must feel that you are their friend and mean them no harm.
Bless your heart for helping them on their natural journey, maybe providing a high energy snack for them from one of your many feeders.

Bless you, Dawn. Thanks for sharing the beauty that you see through your eyes. You see things that most of us miss as we rush around. Thanks for reminding us to stop, take a walk, look at the sky, earth, fence posts. Miracles are everywhere.

I am going to post your site as one of my favorites so I can visit it often.

Love and light.

Dawn said...

Thank you Nancy, you are the best freind!