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Friday, October 26, 2007

Full Moon over Mt. Rainier

The full moon in October is called the Hunters Moon, well actually there are alot of names for it. This is the picture I saw from one city and did not have my camera, so on Wednesday evening I took the mountain picture, had to drive down the road to get the moon and then photo-shopped them together. I thought it came out pretty good. I know that the moon looks to big, but it really was that close on Tuesday. Click on photo to see it bigger.


FemmeJen said...

That turned out so great. Well done! I really love the colors and lighting. What a lovely pic. I would enjoy seeing more.

SandyB2117 said...

Your photoshop effort is superb! Beautiful picture. I need a tutorial, are you interested? S.

Dawn said...

Thank you ladies! I am just learning, so this was pretty easy as they were two pictures taken on the same evening and the lighting was the same...
If I can help Sandy I would be pleased to.