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Monday, August 31, 2009

Mouse on a Stick

"I honestly believe it is better to know nothing
than to know what ain't so."
~Josh Billings, 1818-1885 (in "Solemn Thoughts")

Poor mountain anemone (a.k.a. mouse on a stick; dish mop; old man of the mountains; tow-head baby; windflower, pasqueflower). Pasqueflower comes from the French word for Easter, since the anemone blooms early in spring. Anemone and lupine are favorite food of the Pika. Thanks to Old Man Travels.


robin andrea said...

Great quote, dawn. So apropos for the times in which we leave. Never heard of Mouse on a Stick before. Such an nteresting thing it is.

Dawn said...

thanks Robin, it grows in high elevation, so cool looking.