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Monday, April 27, 2009

White-crowned Sparrow

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."


robin andrea said...

Nothing reminds me more of a spring in the northwest than the White-crowned Sparrow song in the early morning. Great photo, dawn.

Dawn said...

Me too Robin, thanks for visiting!

RHCarpenter said...

We don't have this beauty here so thanks for sharing :) I always think of the song that goes, "the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs" when the little ones come out and start singing, esp. our yellow finches. We have a male and female red-breasted grosbeak coming to the feeder - first time that's happened!! So exciting!

Dawn said...

we have plenty of Grosbeaks here just not the rosebreasted, so very cool Rhonda! thanks for stopping by.