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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mt Rainier Black-tailed deer

Wanton killing for sport, or euphemistically, for
"management" seems to me a poor way of demonstrating
our higher intelligence. Predators hunt to live.
Only man hunts for the sheer triumph of
killing. It is a fact that only man is uplifted
by the spectacle of an animal's death.
~Joan Ward-Harris


robin andrea said...

You always choose such thoughtful and inspired quotes. Love the photograph, and the perspective. Very well done.

am said...

Another beautiful deer photo!

A few days before the snow came, I was walking in Whatcom Falls Park, looking down at the narrow trail at the side of the two-lane road. I glanced up and was startled to see a solitary deer standing in the soggy wet leaves, just a few feet away on the slope to the side of the trail. The deer was grazing on bright green blackberry leaves and didn't appear startled at all by my presence.

The word verification is "amirac," almost like "amarach," the word which means "tomorrow" in Gaelic. Kind of like "america," too. Amiraca.

Ann Buckner said...

Just took a stroll through December's postings. You have such a way with photography and love your choices of poetry.

Dawn said...

thank you so much ladies, you make my day!
lovin the Gaelic Am!