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Monday, July 21, 2008



Suzanne said...

Beautiful, Dawn - the colors, composition, subject within subject. Thanks for the great image!

robin andrea said...

Such a beautiful image. Granite and moss, gravity and light. Lovely.

Suzanne said...

PS. I just left an award for you at Landscape into Art but now I see that you've already received one! I'm not surprised.

Dawn said...

thank you Suzanne and Robin! glad you like my rock.

and thank you Suzanne for thinking of me for the award. It is a popular one these days. :)

Anonymous said...

From one of your new friends, Brant ---
That big camera you have is really cool. The sunset/fog picture that you took was really really awesome. I loved your dragonfly picture, and I hope you paint it someday. The hummingbird is so tiny I could almost not see it. So cool.
We went to Multanoma Falls, and it was very crowded, but I still liked it.
Please put more pictures on your blog so I can enjoy them. Have you exploded any catsup lately? I'll come see you again sometime.

Dawn said...

Hi Brant my new freind!

glad you like my photos, thanks so much for coming by and visiting.

did you climb up to the bridge at the falls?

no exploding ketchup, but I think of it often ;)

Nick said...

Would that make a great painting or what? But no need to, it already looks like one. killer!