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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Male Rufus Humming Bird has arrived!

Yes I know this is a photo from last year. This year a male Rufus showed up on Mar 8, last year is was Mar 16, the year before that Mar 22, and is 2005 - Mar 21. Spring has officially arrived at our house.


Suzanne said...

Beautiful! I've never heard of a rufus humming bird. We have then here but different variety.

robin andrea said...

Excellent! I'll get the feeders ready here. Yay, spring.

am said...

Good reminder. One of the things I found while emptying my storage unit is a hummingbird feeder!

I missed your hummingbird photo last year and am delighted to see it this year!

Sandy Maudlin said...

SO GLAD you are seeing spring pop already. A hummingbird is a great sign. Bob just dug out 12-14" snow off the drive. Please tell me this is the LAST snow here. Come on over, hummingbirds. We have ruby throated ones only, probably the same Suzanne has.
Your photo is delightful - made me smile.

Dawn said...

Thank you ladies, he is a cutie isn't he? We have two species of Hummers on the west side of the state. The Rufus and Anna's. I don't get Anna's Hummingbirds as we live to high in elevation, they like it closer to the water.